Metatron is an independent publisher based in Montreal that specializes in contemporary literature by new and emerging authors. We are devoted to publishing perspectives that reflect the experiences and sensibilities of our time and seeking out emotionally-resonant work from rising, young authors that challenges and informs a new direction and style of contemporary writing.

Since its inception in 2013, Metatron has published thirty-one titles, organized and hosted ~50 events with local and international authors, and established The Metatron Prize and the ÖMËGÄ blog.

Metatron provides emerging writers with media attention, networking opportunities, and audiences for their work they may not have received without Metatron’s initiative. The press has also helped foster a serious, healthy engagement with the literary arts in young writers across Quebec, Canada and beyond. Above all, Metatron has provided writers with a community for those who might feel isolated in a province where English is not the official language.


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