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Twentieth Issue
Volume 9, No. 4


Of Murderers And Malls
By Faustus Salvador

Song Of The Sea
By Bert Almon

Speaking In Tongues
By Ian McGillis

Taking It To The Streets
By Carolyn Marie Souaid

The Ten-year Conundrum
By Kim Bourgeois


Cutting Corners
Reviewed by Margaret Goldik

Reviewed by Margaret Goldik

Still Life
Reviewed by Margaret Goldik


The Scots Of Montreal: A Pictorial Album
Reviewed by Margaret Goldik

A Kingdom Of The Mind: How The Scots Helped Make Canada
Reviewed by Margaret Goldik

Les Ecossais: The Pioneer Scots Of Lower Canada, 1763-1855
Reviewed by Margaret Goldik

For One Of Quebec's Major Poets, It's All About Connecting

By Carolyn Marie Souaid

New Document For the past decade or so, I've been sharing my deep, dark secret with students across the country: I hated poetry when ... READ MORE

Robert Allen Discusses A Life In Writing

By Bert Almon

New Document Robert Allen is a formidable figure in Canadian literature. A poet and novelist, he is also editor of Matrix maga... READ MORE

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