Intro to Audiobooks with David Caron

Monday October 7th, 5-7 PM
Atwater Library Auditorium
1200 Ave. Atwater, 2nd Floor
Free and open to the public; please RSVP to admin [at] aelaq [dot] org

From providing entertainment on long drives to making literature more accessible to those with print disabilities, audiobooks are an exciting format with far-reaching potential. According to the Audio Publishers Association (USA), downloadable audiobooks are the most dependably growing format in the industry. If you’re curious about this booming business and wondering what you need to do to make the move from text to sound, Intro to Audiobooks is for you. This seminar will cover all aspects of licensing and producing books as audiobooks, including audiobook publishers, basic contract terms, narrators, studios, distribution, and marketing. While primarily aimed at publishers, writers, producers, and other members of the public are welcome to attend.

About David Caron

After spending much time with grandparents in Greenfield Park, David Caron is happy to be back in Québec to talk about audiobooks. He is the president and co-publisher of ECW Press in Toronto, and current president of the Ontario Book Publishers Organization. His two decades of work in book publishing and a decade of work in theatre are finding a convergence in the work on audiobooks in the last four years.

There are two flights of stairs to access the auditorium; we regret that the Atwater Library does not yet have an elevator. There is a gender-neutral single-stall washroom on the second floor, and a multi-stall women’s washroom. Please contact admin [at] aelaq [dot] org for other accessibility queries.

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