Linda Leith Publishing | Linda Leith Éditions was created in 2011 and launched its first titles in 2012. A trade publisher specializing in quality fiction and non-fiction, we have a special love of short books –novella-length fiction and essays–and controversial issues of the day. What we love most are good books that might not see the light of day if it were not for LLP| LLÉ.

Our online forum, Salon .ll., was launch in English in March 2011 and in French the following winter. It includes work by some of the same writers we publish in book form and by many others, as well.

Based in Montreal, we are proud to publish writers from across Canada, and we have a particular interest in Quebec writers, as well as in translations into English and French. One of very few Canadian publishers working in both French and English, we publish a range of translations by Canadian writers working not only in French and English, but also in other languages.

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