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For manuscript submission queries: 

Guernica will only accept manuscript queries by email. We no longer accept queries by snail mail. Before sending in your query, please check our website to determine the type of material that best fits our publishing house. Please note we only accept manuscript submissions between January 1 and April 30.

Aside from the original Guernica Editions queries (pertaining to literary and cultural material), we have expanded the publishing house to include the MiroLand imprint. Under MiroLand, we accept queries in the areas of memoir, how-to, self-help, graphic novels, art books, cookbooks and children’s literature, as well as genre literature.

We also house the Guernica World Editions imprint, which accepts queries year-round. Under Guernica World, we accept manuscripts from outside of Canada.

When querying to the MiroLand or Guernica World Editions imprints, please indicate as much.

Contact us:

For manuscript queries and general inquiries, please contact Michael Mirolla: michaelmirolla at guernicaeditions dot com.

For sales and marketing, please contact Dylan Curran: dylancurran at guernicaeditions dot com.

For publicity and marketing, please contact Margo LaPierre: margolapierre at guernicaeditions dot com.