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The Montreal Review of Books is the only journal reviewing English-language books from Quebec. The mRb reviews non-fiction, poetry, memoirs, history, graphic novels, children’s books and more.

The mRb is inserted in the Friday edition of the Quebec-area and Ottawa Globe & Mail and the Thursday Montreal Gazette (including home subscribers). Our distribution includes bookstores in the Montreal, Quebec City and Ottawa areas as well book media, libraries, independent bookstores, cafés in Montreal, across Quebec, and across Canada.

Who Reads the mRb?

Montreal is a sophisticated metropolis and a city of literary festivals and book lovers, many of whom read in both official languages. The mRb reaches a broad cross-section of readers across the city and beyond.

Who Does Your Ad Reach?

Advertise in the mRb three times a year (at the special 3-issue discount) for savings, and you’ll reach more book buyers including bookstore buyers, librarians, and consumers.

Circulation: 40,000 per issue
  • 12,000 in the Friday Globe & Mail, covering all of Quebec and Ottawa
  • 24,000 in the Thursday Montreal Gazette
  • 3,000 to libraries, bookstores, and cafés in Montreal
  • 1,000 to bookstores, subscribers, libraries, and locations across Canada

Please download the media kit for rates and deadlines.

Download the media kit

Advertising manager:
Michael Wile (National)
Tel: 647-677-7948

Anna Leventhal (Montreal)
Tel: 514-932-5633

Anna Leventhal
1200 Atwater Suite 3
Westmount (Quebec)
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Tel: 514-932-5633