AELAQ Collective Visioning

AELAQ 2022 Committees

As we continue to grow and expand our activities, we are looking to bolster the ranks of our committees, and form new ones to address current issues and challenges. Committees are a great opportunity to get more involved with AELAQ and get to know your fellow publishers, with less of a time commitment than joining the board of directors. If you would like to join either of the committees below, or have any questions, please email us.

Book Fair Committee

The Pop-Up Book Fair has long been an AELAQ staple. This year, we’re happy to return to the Concordia Atrium and 4th Space for an in-person Book Fair on November 4–5, 2022 (public health situation permitting, fingers crossed!). As a committee member, you would participate in monthly planning meetings in August and September, and in the weeks leading up to the Book Fair with consultation and timely decision making as needed. Committee meetings are arranged according to everyone’s schedule, with most communications via email.

Advocacy Committee

In light of recent legal changes in Quebec, AELAQ is forming a new Advocacy Committee to gain clarity on the impact of Bill 96 (new French language law) on publishers, and to discuss, advocate, and prepare for the impacts of Bill 35 (new Status of the Artist Act) on the publishing sector. If you are interested in these issues, or you have a legal background, please consider joining! We value all opinions and aid with regards to this matter. We will have more information about the responsibilities and meeting frequency of this committee in the weeks to come, with a suggested monthly meeting schedule. For more on the direct impact of Bill 35 on publishing, see below.

Strategic Planning Committee

AELAQ is embarking on a review of our strategic plan in order to ensure that our mission, objectives, fundraising goals, and activities reflect the realities of English-language publishing in Quebec, today, and in the years to come. This is a roughly year-long commitment, with the first meeting this fall, and the work only beginning in more depth in 2023.