Phoenicia Publishing

  • Phoenicia Publishing is interested in words and images that illuminate culture, spirit, and the human experience. We publish book-length poetry, creative non-fiction, fiction, music, photography and art.

    Travel between cultures — whether literally, metaphorically, or philosophically — is a particular focus. Our goal in publishing is to build bridges that help enlarge human understanding. As a small, independent, international publisher with a strong editorial vision, we find the diversity and vibrancy of Montreal to be a constant inspiration.

    Phoenicia is committed to the innovative use of the web and digital technology in all aspects of publishing and distribution, and to creating high-quality, beautifully-designed printed works that would have difficulty being published by traditional means.

    Website: Phoenicia Publishing
    Publisher and Editor: Elizabeth Adams

  • We’re proud to announce that Tim Mayo’s Thesaurus of Separation has been named a finalist for both the 2017 Eric Hoffer Award and the Montaigne Medal.  The Eric Hoffer Awards are one of the largest international book awards for small, academic, and independent presses.

  • Phoenicia Publishing
    Elizabeth Adams, publisher
    5425 rue de Bordeaux, Suite 207
    Montreal QC H2J 2K2

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