Everything eBook: the last Professional Development Seminar of the season!

PART 1: Best Practices in eBook Production

Should you work with a subcontractor? Publish web PDF or ePub (or both?) for all your titles? What about the backlist? What about the books you don’t have electronic files for anymore? In the first part of our double eBook seminar we’ll explore these questions and discuss best practices for choosing a business model: Xml-work flow versus working with a subcontractor; choosing specialized conversion services; prices: local v India; when to convert the pdf into web pdf/epub; e-ISBNs; hyperlinks: contents page, notes, and index; quality control of e-books; production of eBooks for art book, and updating eBooks for reprints and new editions.

PART 2: New Trends and Technologies in eBook Sales

As the digital book market matures, opportunities for selling content are expanding, across international borders and into new formats. New e-book subscription services are vying to become the “Netflix for books,” and eBook retailers are popping up across the world as more markets join the digital revolution. New technology is also making it easier for publishers to sell their eBooks directly to customers through their own websites. We will talk about some of the most exciting new services and technologies, and also go over some strategies for making your content more discoverable on retailer sites like Amazon, Apple, and Kobo. 

Our last PD seminar of the season - Double eBook feature: Production and Sales

ELENA GORANESCU has been working as production coordinator and senior communications assistant at McGill-Queen’s University Press for the last 12 years in the production department as Coordinator and Senior Communications Assistant, and been the Production Manager since 2012.

SHANNON CULVER is the Manager of Technology at eBOUND Canada. eBOUND is a non-profit organization that enables independent Canadian publishers to engage in the digital marketplace. Prior to her work at eBOUND, Shannon was Publisher Operations Manager at Kobo, Inc. She completed a Master’s degree in Communication & Culture at Ryerson and York Universities with a focus on digital publishing. Her MA thesis research was concerned with the way that new digital technologies like eBooks, eReaders, and print-on-demand are changing the Canadian publishing industry.

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