2018-2019 AELAQ reading fund covers honoraria and travel costs for public readings

The Roadmap Reading Fund is open to applications for events taking place between April 1st 2018 and March 31st 2019! There is one change from last year’s guidelines regarding the number of events for which a writer can receive funding–please see below for details.

2018-2019 Application Form. Please read through the guidelines and eligibility criteria below before submitting an application.

Reader’s Report/Invoice To be submitted by the participating writer after the event, along with relevant receipts. Please note, you must apply and be approved for funding BEFORE submitting your reader’s report/invoice.

Please submit your application a minimum of two weeks before the event is to take place. We do not fund events retroactively. This fund is limited and on a first-come first-served basis; funding is not guaranteed until you have received confirmation from AELAQ.

The Association of English-language Publishers of Quebec (AELAQ) is accepting applications from eligible organizations to support readings by English-language writers who have been published by AELAQ members.

This program is open to public presenters throughout Canada, including but not limited to ongoing reading series, libraries, bookstores, and literary festivals. See below for details on the program, eligibility criteria, and application procedure.


Through this program, the Association of English-language Publishers of Quebec – with a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts – will reimburse honoraria and travel costs (transport only, does not include per diem or accommodation) for public readings by English-language  writers published by members of the Association of English-language Publishers of Quebec. Eligible AELAQ publishers include: Baraka Books, DC Books, Drawn & Quarterly, Linda Leith Publishing, McGill-Queen’s University Press, Metatron, Longbridge Books, and Véhicule Press.

This program is open to international events!
Readings taking place in Quebec must feature eligible English-language Canadian authors from outside the province, but eligible English-language authors
from any Canadian province or territory may be featured at readings taking place outside of Canada.

AELAQ will pay the author a $300 honorarium per full (solo) reading or a $150 honorarium per half (joint) reading if they are not receiving an honorarium from the host venue.

For international travel: AELAQ will cover up to $1320 in travel expenses for up to three full readings or six half-readings. Authors can receive funding for one international trip per program year (April 1st-March 31st). If funding allows, this restriction may be lifted in December 2018.

**New in 2018-2019: AELAQ will fund a total of 5 individual events per eligible author per program year (April 1st-March 31st). If funding allows, this restriction may be lifted in December 2018.

For travel within Canada:

For up to three full readings per trip: For up to six half readings per trip:
First reading: $480 First two readings: $360
Second reading: $480 Second two readings: $360
Third reading: $360 Third two readings: $240
Total maximum covered: $1,320 Total maximum covered: $960

For destinations located above the 55th parallel and remote parts of the country, organizations can ask for doubled travel amounts with a written and detailed justification of related costs.

  • The host organization must contribute to the cost of the author’s travel, accommodations, and/or meals.
  • All readings must be applied for and take place by March 31, 2019. 


Host organizations/Venues/Formats: To be eligible for funding, the reading(s) must be held in a publicly accessible venue (library, bookstore, festival location, etc.) and advertised to the community at large.

This program cannot fund conferences, workshops, fundraising events, or book prizes. This program also cannot fund readings for which honoraria and travel costs are funded by another Canada Council program.

Eligible Authors/Books: 

  • Invited writers must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada.
  • Readings hosted outside of the province of Quebec must feature Quebec-based writers. For readings taking place in Quebec, featured writers may be from any province or territory in Canada.
  • Writers must have published at least one eligible book with a member of the Association of English-language Publishers of Quebec (see ‘About the Program’ for list of members). An eligible book is one that the writer has written in one or more of the following literary genres: novels, short stories, poetry, drama, children’s and young adults’ literature, graphic novels, or literary non-fiction.
  • The author, the book, and the publisher must be eligible for Canada Council funding.
  • The author must be an English-language writer.

Ineligible Authors:

  • Authors whose publications include only self-published books or works in anthologies, literary magazines, web publications, community newspapers, free or student newsletters, or newsletters of associations or other organizations.
  • Authors who sit on the board of AELAQ for the period during which the host organization has applied for funding.
  • Authors who are administrators, directors, or volunteers with the host organization.
  • Authors who fill a professorial position at a post-secondary institution serving as a host organization.


The host organization must contact and arrange a date with an author or their publisher before applying for funding. For help contacting an author or publisher, write to admin@aelaq.org.

Once an author and date have been secured, download and complete the AELAQ Roadmap Reading Fund – application form 2018-19 and submit it to AELAQ.

The completed form must be received by March 31st, 2019, for events taking place before that date. For events after that date, please contact admin@aelaq.org.

Once your application has been approved, confirmation letters will be sent to both the host venue and author. NO FUNDING IS CONFIRMED UNTIL THE HOST HAS RECEIVED A BOOKING CONFIRMATION FORM FROM AELAQ.

Host organizations must send copies of advertisements and promotional materials by email to admin@aelaq.org  as soon as they become available. All publicity materials must acknowledge the financial assistance of the Canada Council for the Arts through the Association of English-language Publishers of Quebec and must feature both organizations’ logos.

Please note: The Association of English-language Publishers of Quebec (AELAQ) does not reimburse reading fees and travel expenses to hosts or festival organizations. AELAQ will reimburse authors and/or publishers directly, after the event has taken place and upon receipt of the author’s reading report and invoice form(s) with original itemized receipts.

For more information about this program, please write to admin@aelaq.org  or call 514-932-5633.

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